When Nassim met Mohamed

"El-Erian is a doer and a thinker and someone who understands the risks of rare events. Never before, have I seen such a combination. Read this book."

-Nassim Taleb, on Mohamed El-Erian’s book

“Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb was by far my favorite book among several good ones published in 2012.

In addition to being an enjoyable and interesting read, Taleb’s new book advances general understanding of how different systems operate, the great variation in how they respond to unthinkables, and how to make them more adaptable and agile. His systemic insights extend very well to company-specific operational issues — from ensuring that mistakes provide a learning process to the importance of ensuring sufficient transparency to the myriad of specific risk issues.

-Mohamed El-Erian, on Nassim Taleb’s book

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