CAPUTO: What do you think the difference is between a tourist and a traveler?

HEAT-MOON: I think the higher category is the traveler, in that the traveler makes a deeper penetration into the landscape and into people’s lives… I think it’s penetration of the land, and that begins by going more slowly, by listening, and by getting out from behind the windshield and looking and doing.

CAPUTO: I think a tourist is usually someone who is on a time budget. A tourist is out to see sights, usually which have been enumerated for him in a guidebook. I think there’s a deeper degree of curiosity in a traveler.

Wherein the NYT Smugness Quotient blows through Self-Congratulatory and lands squarely in Downright Obnoxious

A Conversation Between Philip Caputo and William Least Heat-Moon -

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