Several times in my interviews with business analysts, I spotted the person peeking at a legal pad on which were written a series of bullet points, and then he’d try to find an opening in the interview to launch into the three (or four, or five) reasons that he had chosen to come to McKinsey — “the training” always ranking high, the pay never mentioned. If I tried to take the conversation in a different direction while being presented to, it would be politely suggested to me that perhaps it would be more useful if we went through all the reasons first and then discussed them.

the classic Nick Lemann piece on McKinsey

These are always the worst interviews; every so often, when I go in to interview someone, they launch into a prepared spiel. And I need to sit through what is often 30-40 minutes of utterly useless boredom before we can have a useful conversation. Why do people do this?

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    Why do recruiters always ask the same questions?
  3. katiebakes said: one interviewer told me i should “be more like an MBA student” because they “know how to sell their story” … meanwhile i was a junior in college whose entire resume was “sailing instructor.” they hired me anyway and you know what good that did THEM
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