Feynman visualized the world with pictures rather than with equations. Other physicists in the past and present describe the laws of nature with equations and then solve the equations to find out what happens. Feynman skipped the equations and wrote down the solutions directly, using his pictures as a guide. Skipping the equations was his greatest contribution to science. By skipping the equations, he created the language that a majority of modern physicists speak. Incidentally, he created a language that ordinary people without mathematical training can understand.

The ‘Dramatic Picture’ of Richard Feynman by Freeman Dyson | The New York Review of Books

Feynman died in 1988, and Dyson’s now 87. If Dyson replaced Feynman as the physicist who could explain quantum mechanics in English, who will replace Dyson?

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  8. joshsternberg said: He’s up there in age, but Leonard Susskind does a pretty admirable job speaking in English in “The Black Hole Wars.” Highly recommended.
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