Tom Keene: What is the direct evidence you have that this gentleman changed the technology world with this cryptocurrency?

Leah Goodman: I connected all these dots through. Through forensic research. And forensic research isn’t about supporting what you think is true. It’s about eliminating what you think a candidate may or may not represent. All you’re doing — I want to make this really clear right now — you’re eliminating candidates. We cannot eliminate this man at all. And in my confrontation with him, he confirmed his involvement. End of story.

Tom Keene: Is that journalism? Where you’re working on a Type 2 construct, where you’re pulling away, to “we’ve eliminated these other people”? But, there could be other people out there that you could do the same action with, right?

Leah Goodman: You could go off on the other way, and say “let’s find reasons to support a person”. But the best way to do forensic research is to eliminate people, not the other way around. You don’t say “I have a conjecture, let me find every way to support it”. No.

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